This portfolio of landscapes from North America is representative of the work which was my focus for many years in the pre-digital era. This selection comes from a period in the 1990’s when we lived in the United States and I was fitting photography around a city-based professional life. All the images were shot on film, most with large format view cameras.

As my style and choice of subject matter have evolved, I find these images a bit out of step with my current work. They represent a quite traditional style of landscape photography which I find less interesting than I did in the past. Still, I wanted to keep a small selection on display here: For me they bring back fond memories, and they seem to remain popular with people who visit the site or request prints.

The locations stretch the full width of the United States, from our old home in Connecticut on the East Coast to the Big Island of Hawaii. The largest body of work, however, is from the spectacular canyon country of the Colorado Plateau in southern Utah and northern Arizona. When we lived in the US we travelled extensively through this region, which remains one of my favorite locations in the world for landscape photography.

Another favorite location is the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Outwardly flat and featureless, its forests of stunted pines hide a network of rivers, lakes, swamps and bogs. One such area is Whitesbog, where extensive dirt roads crisscross old commercial cranberry bogs now returning to a semi-wild state. In the autumn, the water lily—covered ponds reflect color from the surrounding trees, creating impressionistic scenes like the first two on this page.
Images © Warren K. Corning. All rights reserved.